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Data Deposit Interview

Data Deposit Interview

Version 0.5

This interview is not validated and should not be used as a legal advice!

This is a sample PolicyModels interview for depositing datasets. By taking into account various federal laws and input from the depositor, the system suggests how the dataset should be handled, and assigns it a DataTag.

Version 0.6.1
Keywords legislation, privacy, privacy tools project
Decision Graph:
Policy Space:
Policy Space

Medical Records
Cures Act Some of:
Certificate Required
Part 2 One of:
deidentified Veterans Medical Data Consent Scientific Research
HIPAA Some of:
Waiver Authorization Safe Harbor Deidentified Expert Determination Limited Dataset Business Associate Contract
Education Records
FERPA Some of:
Deidentified Directory Opt-out Directory Info School Official Study Consent Audit
PPRA Some of:
Protected Protected Deidentified Consent Opt-out Provided Marketing
Government Records
DPPA Some of:
Highly Restricted Required State Consent Limited State Consent Broad Requester Consent Limited Requester Consent Broad Research Exception
CIPSEA Some of:
Deidentified Identifiable
Privacy Act Some of:
Deidentified Identifiable
Census Some of:
Census Published
ESRA Some of:
Restricted Public
Additional Restrictions Some of:
Contract or Policy Manual Inspection Required
Code One of:
Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Crimson
IP value placeholder
Origin Some of:
Data Type
Harm One of:
No Risk Minimal Shame Civil Criminal Max-Control
Effort One of:
anonymous deidentified identifiable identified
Identity One of:
No Person Data Not Person Specific Person Specific
Authentication Some of:
None Email OAuth Password
Approval One of:
None Email Signed
Storage One of:
clear Server-side Encryption Client-side Encryption Double Encryption
Transit One of:
clear encrypt Double Encryption
auth One of:
approval none
Acceptance One of:
Click Signed Sign with ID
Use One of:
No Restriction Research IRB No Product
Publication One of:
No Restriction Notify Pre-Approve Prohibited
Reidentify One of:
No Matching No Entities No People No Prohibition Reidentify Contact
Time Limit One of:
none 50 years 5 years 2 years One year
Sharing One of:
Anyone Not Online Organization Group No One
Auditing One of:
NotNeeded Yearly Monthly
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